Hello and welcome to Sara's Bike Travels. Over the past several years I've developed a passion for touring with my bicycle and camera. I have the good fortune to live in beautiful Bavaria which has a wealth of bike trails and fabulous scenery and is also not too far from other great biking destinations such as France, Austria and Italy.

In 2009 I took my first multi-day tour and in the first few years I traveled mostly alone or occasionally with a girlfriend. Since 2012 I've been fortunate to have a partner, Werner who shares my passion for cycling and is fairly tolerant of my stops for photos.

On these pages you'll find journals from various journeys some of which include gps route maps and pictures or photo galleries. I hope you enjoy my scribblings and clicks.

January 2016: The site is very much a work-in-progress - right now some of the pages are not quite finished but in the coming weeks and months I will be flushing out the text and adding photo galleries. I hope that you come back and visit from time to time!