6: Catherine de Medici’s Bedroom

Slept in, got a late start and arrived in Blois at 11, bikes loaded on car. We drank coffee in a café at the steps of the Chateau and then walked around town.

We spent a couple of hours touring the chateau which was fascinating – you really get an idea of the opulent lives of the inhabitants. After the chateau we ended up back at the same café from the morning and ate Croques-Monsieur and drank a glass of wine.

A short drive out of town took us to a campground at la Chausée St.Victor from where we rode 20km up to St. Dyé and back on the Loire trail. The vistas were particularly lovely in the early evening light.

 At St. Dyé we took a brief pause on the riverbank before heading back in the same direction.

On the way back to the hotel I drove and Werner had several conniption fits about my driving style on narrow French roads.

We arrived in Bracieux just in time for a bit of last-minute grocery shopping. Werner enjoyed another swim and we picnicked outside our room and hit the hay by 10:30.

Day 6



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