Since we had such a short distance to ride, we slept in and took our time getting ready. Our breakfast was ample and tasty but by far the most expensive of the trip (15€/person!). The high price was somewhat offset by the very interesting surroundings - we dined amidst historic wine pressing and bottling equipment.

After breakfast Werner took it upon himself to clean my bike chain and shifting mechanism (he's a jewel!) while I made a photo tour of the grounds. By 11:45 we were ready to hit the road. The first 5km were ridden on the shoulder of the main road we'd experienced the evening before. Not pleasant, but we had no choice but to grin and bear it. Luckily, however there was only one hill and after that it was smooth sailing.

Most of the trip into Bordeaux was on the continuation of the "Route Roger Lapebie" we'd traveled on the day before, a lovely paved trail that runs on a former train route through some of my favorite vineyards in France. (Entre deux mers!) Compared to the rest of the trip, it was cool (80 degrees) and I wore a shirt with sleeves for the first time in two weeks. We rode slowly, soaking in the impressions and trying to prolong our last day on the road.

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As we were rolling into Bordeaux we had to dodge a few raindrops and feared that our trip would end on a gray and wet note. But no, luck was with us and by the time we'd checked back into Hotel de Faisan and showered and changed into town clothes, the sun was driving the clouds away.

Our last afternoon was spent wandering through Bordeaux - a visit to the cathedral, ice cream on the adjacent place, wandering through the pedestrian area, eating a rather pedestrian dinner at a touristy cafe, a final nighttime visit to the mirroir d'eau and a last glass of Bordeaux at the cafe outside our hotel. A splendid end to our splendid journey.

Day 16



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