This place is so quiet, we slept incredibly deeply, woke late and staggered down to breakfast at 9. Ah, a lovely little buffet with OJ, ham, cheese, lovely bread (I particularly liked the moist raisin bread) and yogurt.

After breakfast we had some extra time so we did laundry – our bike clothes were having smelling contests with each other. At 11 we got on the bikes and headed to the train station in Souillac, where we locked up the bikes and caught the bus to Sarlat. A lovely drive back the way we rode yesterday, through the Dordogne Valley.

Sarlat turned out to be like the French version of Rothenburg-ob-der-Tauber except that the tourists were mostly British and French instead of American and Japanese like in Rothenburg. And full, full, full. Yikes. We spent the afternoon walking around – I snapped photos and the heat and the crowds made us both a bit crabby.

As our afternoon was coming to a close we stopped and picked up picnic items for our evening meal. It was somewhat of a relief when the time rolled around to catch the bus back to Souillac.

After a swim to wash away the heat, we gathered our picnic things together and made our way to “our” table in the garden. Very soon thereafter we had canine company – the resident Husky smelled the paté and was by us in a flash. Werner was a real softie and kept giving him treats so he stayed by us for quite some time.

As is got dark we went back inside and ended the evening sitting in the living room reading and chatting with other German guests.

Day 8



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