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The ever-so-crowded Château de Cheverny

Gallery: Loire Chateaux

TGV bike-loading method–stuff 'em in | in a train In front of the Gare de l'est, ready to head across Paris | Paris Notre Dame from Pont d'Austerlitz | Paris St. Vincent de Paul church | Blois St. Vincent de Paul church | Blois Drinking my first glass of wine on the plaza in front […]

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Biking along the Seine - fabulous!

9: A Different Angle on Notre Dame

Before catching the train to Paris, I had time for one last visit to the market (the French are so civilized — allowing one to shop for food on a Sunday morning!). On the way to Les Halles I walked the bike through the areas where the flower market had been yesterday. Today, instead of […]

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Once again, pique-nique extraordinaire!

8: Food, Glorious Food

The week has definitely taken its toll on my body. I took it very easy in the morning, resting a bit in my room after breakfast and then heading out about 9 to make a circle around old Tours. I started with a bike-pushing stroll through Saturday flower market which stretches the length of the […]

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Yard art

7: A Little Bit of Heaven on Earth

What a day – somewhere between heaven and hell! My knee was really hurting—riding on the flat was OK, but climbing hills, walking, and even getting on and off the bike was painful. Getting old is not for sissies. The first adventure of the day was that I read the train schedule the wrong way […]

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The gardens at Château de Villandry

6: Contrasts in Taste

I got on the road at about 9, after partaking of the rather large breakfast buffet. Actually, I partook rather too freely—I was sluggish throughout the morning. Of course, part of my sluggishness could be due to the continued hot weather. Today’s high was around 95 degrees. The first 5km getting out of town were […]

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A simple but divine lunch - heavenly melon

5: The Perfect Canteloupe

The morning was spent exploring Blois. I visited the cathedral and a really mediocre organist was practicing. One can only hope he/she was sight-reading. The cathedral is 17th century gothic – OK but not on my top 10 list as cathedrals go. Its gardens are small and charming–I really enjoyed cooling my feet in the stair-step fountain. (It was already 90 degrees at 11am.)

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Lots of vineyards

4: The Search for Shade

What a tiring day! I got on the road at about 9:30, about an hour later than usual, and stopped at a fruit store and a bakery for provisions on the way out of town. The countryside was fragrant and beautiful in the morning light. I had to stop several times to take pictures. An […]

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What a spot for a picnic!

2: A Picnic fit for Kings

Breakfast was very French—a croissant, a piece of baguette and café au lait. I wasn’t quite sure that it would be enough sustenance to get me though the morning, but I did just fine.Got on the road at about 8:45 and headed up the west side of the Loire. As it was fairly early on […]

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In front of the Gare de l'est, ready to head across Paris

1: The TGV and riding across Paris

Just getting on to the TGV was an adventure. The entry was wide enough for a fully-loaded bike, but the bike places were not quite what I expected — simply bikes strapped against folded-up seats. And of course two families’ worth of luggage was standing in the way. It took 10 minutes to get it […]

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